Le Petit Elefant by Genevieve Santos


Huzzah for Square Market!!


If you're a small business owner or a frequenter of craft fairs and small, local businesses, you've probably noticed a little white credit card reader plugged into ipads and smart phones giving practically anyone the ability to take credit card transactions. What is it? Why... it's


It's brilliant and has certainly made my life as a small business owner less stressful. I even keep one on my person just in case (it's come in handy for on the spot illustration transactions). And you can

request one for free

, or snag one at the info booth at most Renegade Craft Fairs. They're usually there repping.

Perhaps not as well known is the

Square Market

. Think of it as another version of Etsy but without the facade of being all "handmade" (quotations around handmade because I've been seeing more and more mass-produced items on there and it's watering down the quality of Etsy, but that's another topic). It's marketplace to find small businesses, and it's absolutely wonderful. They've been putting together gift guides as well, and I had the great fortune of being featured on their latest two. If you haven't browsed through Square Market, you're in for a treat. Make sure you set a budget for yourself though! ;). 

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Happy Black Friday Sale!!

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A c

ontest + giveaway

 you say? Yep! To celebrate the new year, I'm offering one very lucky fan

 free shipping for all of 2014 

plus an 

ORIGINAL illustration

 from the calendar. Three other winners will each get a 2014 12-Month Calendar. 

To enter,

 simply order from genevievesantos.bigcartel.com during the Black Friday Sale. Every $25 spent will earn you additional entries, as well as sharing the sale on 



 , and 


. Make sure to tag @lepetitelefant so I know to give you an extra entry.

I have loads of new goodies including limited edition 

shrinky dink jewelry

 (collaboration with Unicorn Crafts), 

"Clink" Mason Jars

 (tea lite for romantic mood lighting included), 

"Rawr" acrylic magnet sets

 & more. All new, limited edition, & being introduced to the store on sale. I've placed a handful of other oldie-but-goodie stamps, cards, and prints on 

super sale

, too. Holiday card sets are now $20.

To do my part in raising support for the Philippine Typhoon victims, I created special "maraming salamat" cards 

(translation: thanks very much). All proceeds from these cards & 

my Filipino-themed prints will go to 

Habitat for Humanity's RE-BUILD PHILIPPINES Program

. I hope you'll support this good cause while we all think about what we're thankful for.