Le Petit Elefant by Genevieve Santos

Commissioned Paintings

I love doing custom orders so don't be shy. Please give me at least 4 months notice, and another 4 months for production. My availability depends on the season, so please do be patient and understanding. The earlier the inquiry the better! I tend to get booked up very quickly.

Wedding Inquiries

I've stopped designing & printing wedding invitations. I only create wedding-related illustrations. Please note that I do receive an overwhelming number of requests and the sooner you approach me with the project the better.


The prices of my custom illustrations vary from project to project. The prices increase depending on complexity, medium, detail, deadline, and size. All prices are subject to change. 

If interested, please fill out the inquiry form below, answering as many questions as possible. The more details, the more accurate the quote will be. Thanks!!

Please fill out the form below if you're interested in a custom order. I will get back to you with your place in the queue, a quote, and instructions for sending me your photos should we decide to move forward.

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